Because of bug #693758 I'd like to prevent apt-get upgrade and Update Manager from updating the "libgtk2.0-0" package.

What do i have to do to achieve this?

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There are different ways of holding back packages: with dpkg , apt , dselect , aptitude or Synaptic.


Put this package on hold

echo "<package-name> hold" | sudo dpkg --set-selections

Remove the hold.

echo "<package-name> install" | sudo dpkg --set-selections

Show the status of your packages

dpkg --get-selections

Show the status of a single package

dpkg --get-selections <package-name>

Show all the packages on hold

dpkg --get-selections | grep "\<hold$"


Hold up the package

sudo apt-mark hold <package-name>

Remove the hold.

sudo apt-mark unhold <package-name>

Show all the packages on hold

sudo apt-mark showhold


With dselect, enter the [S]elect screen, find the package you wish to hold in its present state and press = or H . The changes will take effect immediately after the user exits the select screen

The following approaches are limited in that locking/holding a package within aptitude or synaptic doesn't affect apt-get/apt.


Hold up a package

sudo aptitude hold <package-name>

Remove the hold.

sudo aptitude unhold <package-name>

Locking with Synaptic Package Manager

Go to Synaptic Package Manager (System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager).

Click the search button and type the package's name

When you find the package, select it and go to the Package menu and select Lock Version .

Synaptic menu

This package will no longer show up on the update manager and will not be updated