In Windows 8.1, when I right click a WiFi connection, nothing happens. In windows 8 there is a menu and i can view its properties by clicking the view properties menu and then i can see the password for the wifi connection

How to do the exact same thing in Windows 8.1? How do you tell a running os that forgets a wifi connection?

Best Answer

I found this on youtube and it worked for me

  1. Hover mouse over Windows icon and right-click
  2. Open up "command prompt (admin)". Click yes in the prompt box
  3. Type the command line below:

    netsh wlan show profile name="INSERT SSID HERE" key=clear

Note if you don't know your ssid you can list all wi-fi profiles you have connected in the past with the following command

netsh wlan show profile

The first version of the command may dump out tens of lines of output (commonly between 30 and 40 lines). If you want to see only the password (Key Content), you can pipe the command through findstr Key. Note that the K in Key must be capitalized.

Example command line will therefore look like:

netsh wlan show profile name="Sales Dept Network" key=clear | findstr Key

You can leave out the " name= ".

netsh wlan show profile "Sales Dept Network" key=clear | findstr Key