Is there a way I can see all the versions that are in the archives that I have configured in sources.list . I can see the last version of each archive with apt-get policy , but how can I see them all?

Is there any way that this can also include PPA and anything in sources.list.d ?

Best Answer

As far as i understand your requirements the madison option for the apt-cache is what you want

madison /[ pkg(s) ]
apt-cache's madison command attempts to mimic the output format and a subset of the functionality of the Debian archive management tool, madison. It displays available versions of a package in a tabular format. Unlike the original madison, it can only display information for the architecture for which APT has retrieved package lists (APT::Architecture).

On the computer

$ apt-cache madison f-spot
    f-spot | 0.7.2-1~ppa~lucid0 | lucid/main Packages
    f-spot | | lucid-updates/main Packages
    f-spot | | lucid/main Packages
    f-spot | | lucid/main Sources
    f-spot | | lucid-updates/main Sources

I hope you have what you need It also includes the ppas.