The computer crashed when i left it there and the restore button didn't work Is there any file that shows previous session urls? I remember hearing it a while ago Any help is appreciated thanks

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Please describe the situation in which ctrl-shift-t is not working for me

  1. a new driver crashed my PC so I had to restart
  2. while I waited for all the system tray icons (Dropbox, etc.) to start I noticed the Intel Driver Updater and clicked it
  3. this opened up an EMPTY Chrome. There was a message box "Restore windows after crash" but it either didn't work or disappeared while the cookie notice from the Intel website popped up
  4. I was left with an empty Chrome window

Now since i use multiple windows to separate different work projects the history or recent tab doesn't help. Some of the tabs were opened last week and i will never find them in history

I installed the Chrome extension Session Buddy and with one click I could restore a backup from 10 minutes ago.

Now don't laugh at me: I had 32 windows with 122 tabs open and re-opening them worked just fine