Googling for solutions to this problem seems to lead to third party solutions like this , sometimes with scripting like this. I'm not a huge fan of either but it's crazy to me that there's no better solution

I'm using windows 10 I use hdmi audio to my monitor from my amd video card and i use a set of headphones which are plugged into the back of my motherboard I use both often, but right now I need to tediously switch the default playback device to switch between them (sometimes, for reasons I don't yet know how to replicate, I even need to fully disable the device currently making sounds.

This is what i see in the volume mixer after starting my computer up with amd hdmi as default and opening chrome to watch a video

AMD HDMI is playing System Sounds and Chrome's audio.

When I switch to the Speakers device

About to select Speakers device.

I see that there are no applications assigned and there is no way to reassign applications

Speakers device is lonely.

I can usually hammer all of the applications over to the Speakers device by switching the default playback device, and usually vice versa. But that sometimes that only switches some applications, and sometimes it doesn't do anything. But that's besides the point...

How can I assign an application to a specific audio playback device? The Volume Mixer looks like the right place, but it doesn't seem to do it unless I'm missing something.

Best Answer

Found a free (GPL) alternate and thought I would throw it out there for anyone else stumbling in from google... before anyone throws away $20 to CheVolume or installs their adware-containing trial software (at least according to my AV scan on version, downloaded directly from their site).

found something called Audio Router on reddit / github /

I'm on windows 7 sp1 x64 I've only been playing with it for about 2 minutes but it's correctly playing my firefox (youtube) audio through the tv and my game (sr3) audio via my headset with minimal effort. I think we'll have a winner

I'll report back when i encounter any problems