I'm trying to connect to an nfs folder on my server The owner of the folder on the development server is darren and the darren group

When i export and mount it to my mac using the disk utility it mounts, but then when i try to open the folder is says i do not have permissions. I have set rw, sync, and no_subtree_check. The user on the mac is darren with a bunch of groups.

Do i need to have the same group and user set to access the folder?

Best Answer

Nfs is built on top of rpc authentication With nfs version 3 the most common authentication mechanism is authunix The user id and the group id of the client system are sent with every rpc call and the permissions these ids have on the file to be accessed are checked on the server For this to work the uid and gids must be the same on the server and the client However, you can force all access to occur as a single user and group by combining the all_squash, anonuid, and anongid export options. all_squash will map all UIDs and GIDs to the anonymous user, and anonuid and anongid set the UID and GID of the anonymous user. For example, if your UID and GID on your dev server are both 1001, you could export your home directory with a line like


I'm less familiar with NFS version 4, but I think you can set up rpc.idmapd on the clients to alter the uid and gid they send to the server.