So i just installed the latest kali linux on my laptop which was based on debian 7 (oldstable). The whole thing migrated to debian 8

I've always wanted wayland instead of x11 so i installed the required packages Then created a minimal ~./config/weston.ini configuration. Now, from the Gnome log-in screen: Login Screen

I can boot to Gnome on Wayland or LXDE (among others). The previous with very limited success and the latter (lxde) almost perfectly, though the panel needs setting up (i have to look up freedesktop).

Anyways, in lxde, the gui is more responsive than it was on the oldstable and possibly as fast when it was running windows 7. I'm very pleased

I want to know if it's because of all the library and module upgrades from debian 7 to 8 or from using wayland if i really am using wayland at all I skimmed through htop and found a /usr/bin/Xorg running and no process named "wayland". Who am i running for?

Best Answer

Obtain a session id that you must give by issuing



loginctl show-session <SESSION_ID> -p Type

If you want to do all of this in one command

loginctl show-session $(awk '/tty/ {print $1}' <(loginctl)) -p Type | awk -F= '{print $2}'

Use the one that corresponds to your username

Refer to:

So it's true for me

$ loginctl show-session 2 -p Type