If i do.

$ ls -R
4Shared/  Cloud/



If I want to list the .rar files only, and I use grep, it will show me too the .rar.part files, what is not my wish.
I am solving this using find or ls **/*.rar as told in this thread and they work fine, but I would like to learn if it is possible to do it via grep.

I have tried (thinking about EOL ).

ls -R | grep ".rar\n"

with no results.
I think that the problem lies in discover if the greping is found at the end of the line, but I am not sure.

Is there any help here please?

Best Answer

The $ anchor matches the end of a line.

ls -R | grep '\.rar$'

You can also use find for this.

find . -name '*.rar'