I'm new to angular and i'm from the ember community Trying to use the new angular cli based on ember cli

Tell me the best way to handle sass in a new angular project I tried using the ember-cli-sass repo to see if it would play along since a number of core components of the Angular-CLI are run off of Ember-CLI modules.

It didnt work but than again not sure if i just misconfigured something.

What's the best way to organize a style in an angular project? It'd be nice to have the sass file in the same folder as the component

Best Answer

Angular CLI version 9 (used to create Angular 9 projects) now picks up style from schematics instead of styleext. Use the command like this:
ng config schematics.@schematics/angular:component.style scss
and the resulting angular.json shall look like this

"schematics": {
   "@schematics/angular:component": {
      "style": "scss"

Other possible solutions & explanations:

To create a new project with angular CLI with sass support, try this:

ng new My_New_Project --style=scss

You can also use --style=sass & if you don't know the difference, read this short & easy article and if you still don't know, just go with scss & keep learning.

Use this command to update your project's configuration if you have an angular 5 project

ng set defaults.styleExt scss

For Latest Versions

For angular 6 to set new style on existing project with cli.

ng config schematics.@schematics/angular:component.styleext scss

Or Directly into angular.json.

"schematics": {
      "@schematics/angular:component": {
      "styleext": "scss"