I installed xdotool by running sudo apt-get install xdotool and throw xdotool key ctrl+alt+t command to open a new terminal window from the current one.But it was not working.

Which command was given to open the terminal window from the current gnome terminal?

Best Answer

This command works just fine


Normally if you want a command to open from the terminal and separate (so it returns to the prompt without having to close the opened program) , you have to use something like this.

gnome-terminal & disown

However the parent terminal seems to detect that the same command is being used so you don't need to do that and gnome-terminal will suffice. This also seems to happen when running xfce4-terminal from Xfce's terminal, konsole from KDE's as well (doesn't seem to work when running xterm from xterm (see also xterm xterm ) - Running konsole from Gnome/Unity & Xfce's terminal works as well , but for Xfce's terminal in gnome terminal you need xfce4-terminal & disown ).

For more visit gnome-terminal's manual page .

 gnome-terminal  [-e,  --command=STRING]   [-x, --execute ]  [--window-with-profile=PROFILENAME]  [--tab-with-profile=PRO‐
       FILENAME]    [--window-with-profile-internal-id=PROFILEID]    [--tab-with-profile-internal-id=PROFILEID]    [--role=ROLE]
       [--show-menubar]   [--hide-menubar]   [--geometry=GEOMETRY]   [--disable-factory]  [-t, --title=TITLE]  [--working-direc‐
       tory=DIRNAME]  [--usage]  [-?, --help]