When I try to set Google Chrome's proxy settings (on chrome://linux-proxy-config/), I get the following message.

When running Google Chrome under a supported desktop environment, the system proxy settings will be used. However, either your system is not supported or there was a problem launching your system configuration.

But you can still configure via the command line. Please see man google-chrome-stable for more information on flags and environment variables.

I need to set proxy settings to use chrome but i don't want to set them in the command line every time i use chrome What is the best way to set up these settings permanently?

Also, is there an option in Chrome so that it doesn't use proxy for specific domains (analogous to the No proxy for setting in Firefox)?

Best Answer

Open a Terminal and type sudo -H nautilus

Type your password then press Ctrl + L and type /usr/share/applications/ and press Enter

Now find google-chrome and right-click on chrome icon and select "Properties".

Next add the following option to the end of the command textbox

--proxy-server="IP proxy Server:port" (ex: --proxy-server="" )

it's look like this ( it's the same for Chrome ).

enter image description here close the window and if the chrome browser is still running, then close the browser and restart again. Finally you can use chrome browser with proxy.

--proxy-bypass-list .

If you want to tell google-chrome to NOT use a proxy with specific domains use --proxy-bypass-list command. This command specifies a list of hosts for whom we bypass proxy settings and use direct connections Ignored if --proxy-auto-detect or --no-proxy-server are also specified. This is a list of bypass rules separated by commas

Here is List of Chromium Command Line that used in google-chrome too.