Mostly I edit Ruby files, although shell script file comments are also #

Currently my comments show as dark blue on black which is really hard to read.

See screenshot.

How can I change their color?

I'm willing to consider different schemas for all colors though I do like the black background as a base.

A screenshot of a terminal window with Vim running in it. The comments are dark blue on black background making them hardly visible.

Best Answer

There are many color schemes which are usually distributed together with vim. You can select them with the :color command.

You can see the available color schemes in vim's colors folder, for example in my case:

$ ls /usr/share/vim/vimNN/colors/ # where vimNN is vim version, e.g. vim74
blue.vim  darkblue.vim  default.vim  delek.vim  desert.vim  elflord.vim
evening.vim  koehler.vim  morning.vim  murphy.vim  pablo.vim  peachpuff.vim
README.txt  ron.vim  shine.vim  slate.vim  torte.vim  zellner.vim

I usually use desert . So I open vim , then enter :color desert and enter. To have the color scheme by default every time you open vim , add :color desert into your ~/.vimrc .

(Michael, OP) This was good. The terminal looks like.

Example of VIM on a Ruby file showing syntax highlighting in various colors