Mission to remote desktop into windows server 2012 (standalone).


  • Control Panel, System, Remote Settings, Remote Desktop – Allow
  • All firewalls off
  • Connect attempt using a known IP address (ping works ok)
  • Connect option as a user who has already logged on.

Error message:

Remote Access Cannot Connect
1)  Remote access not enabled
2)  Remote computer turned off
3)  Remote computer not available

Additional info:

  • The server 2012 can rdc out.
  • The machines i use to connect in are windows 7 and windows 8, they will rdc to other machines.
  • I have plenty of experience with the configuration of a remote desktop


How do you get rdc to work?

Best Answer

I noticed that sometimes enabling remote desktop does not properly enable the firewall exception for port 3389 Please check whether the relevant rule is enabled If it is, try disabling and immediately enabling the firewall. This worked several times for me