So yesterday evening I was pulling my hair out (figuratively -- I'm bald) for over an hour trying to figure out why smbpasswd kept rejecting my attempts to reset the password for one of my Samba users. Anyway, long story short, it was apparently because the user didn't exist yet ( smbpasswd -a added her without complaint, and now everything's hunky-dory), even though I still swear up and down that I did indeed add her already.

Surely if i could just list the users in the smbpasswd database it would save me a lot of grief What is a command line tool that can do such thing? (Samba's using that new-fangled .tdb database, otherwise I would have just cat /etc/smbpasswd .)

Best Answer

I believe the command your looking for is pdbedit .

From the man page "pdbedit - manage the SAM database (Database of Samba Users)"

sudo pdbedit -L -v

-L to list users. -v to be verbose.