What tool can i use to split a text file with size of 9 gb into smaller files so i can open it to see them?

What's the best command line command for windows xp?

What's the best way to split it? How do you unzip a file from 7z and create separate volumes? Will the file be readable or does it need all the other parts to unzip into the big file again?


I put together quick 48 lines python script that split the large file into 0.5GB files which are easy to open even in vim. I've just needed to look through data towards the last part of the log (yes it is a log file). Each record is split across multiple lines so grep would not do.

Best Answer

There is a freeware Windows file splitter called HJSplit

Available here . The website claims it can split files of any type and size, but 9GB is a big file.