I have a systemd service that displays the following error service start request repeated too quickly, refusing to start

I understand that the service is configured to restart on failure and it is restarting again and again. But when exactly does it refuse to restart ? Is there a limit or number that defines it ?

Moreover, what does too quickly exactly mean, is it a limit of number of restarts in a given period of time ?

Best Answer

The default limit is to allow 5 restarts in a period of 10 seconds If a service goes over that threshold due to the Restart= config option in the service definition, it will not attempt to restart any further.

The rates are configured with the StartLimitIntervalSec= and StartLimitBurst= options and the Restart= option controls when SystemD tries to restart a service.

More info in man systemd.unit and man systemd.service .

Then use systemctl daemon-reload to reload unit configuration.