I installed visual studio code and i'm now trying to remove it I don't remember how i installed it, but everything i've tried to remove it doesn't work. Things i've tried.

  1. sudo umake web visual-studio-code --remove : This says "can't remove because you don't have it installed," which I know isn't true. I was able to find the files in /home/jacob/.local/share/umake/web/visual-studio-code. Deleting these files stops the application from running but doesn't remove the icon from the launcher I then restored the data when i found out
  2. Removing via software center: it does show up in software center, but when i hit "remove" nothing happens.

What are your suggestions?

Best Answer

I made it through the following command

sudo apt purge code

to uninstall the program and then.

sudo apt autoremove

to remove the menu items/shortcuts etc as @Joe suggested.

I hope that helps