I am an aspiring java programmer who is looking to use json in a project I was following a scripting tutorial from a book that asked me to import json into my project by using the following line

import com.google.appengine.repackaged.org.json.JSONArray;

But this produced an error, so i replaced it with this line.

import org.json.JSONArray;

This also produces a different error

The import org.json cannot be resolved

I think the problem is that i don't actually have the json library in my eclipse workspace Is it possible to use a jsonarray? I found the website for json but am not sure what to download or how to install it


Best Answer

Download the ZIP file from this URL and extract it to get the Jar. Add the jar to your build path. To check the available classes in this Jar use this URL .

To Add this Jar to your build path Right click the Project > Build Path > Configure build path> Select Libraries tab > Click Add External Libraries > Select the Jar file Download

I hope this will solve your problem