How do I clean-up these in-use COM ports? enter image description here

The com port numbers always seem to be taken up by something and although right now i only have 4 serial ports (3 over bluetooth and one usb to rs-232), i have numerous com ports set as in use. I'd like to tidy it up a little

Also it seems to me that from time to time, one of the taken com ports gets freed up and then one of the devices i use will take that number creating confusion, since i'll have to go and hunt its com number in device manager.


Well i just cleaned up countless usb devices that once were connected to the computer using usbdeview and still the problem still remains.

Best Answer

You can run device manager via a command line

> devmgmt.msc

Enable "show hidden devices" in the menu, and uninstall grayed-out com ports.