I've tried both the mute and archive functions. But still, every time there's a new message in the whatsapp group chat, the green circle thing with a number still shows up to notify me, and the group chat appears near the top. In this chat group i can also read the first few words of the last message

How can i truly shut down a group? That is, have it completely out of sight and relegated to the bottom of my list of chats, but i can still locate it, look at all the new messages, and respond to it whenever i like?

Best Answer

Up until now there is no such option

Even if you mute the chat and archive the messages whenever they arrive the chat will move to the top of the list based on the order of the last messages you receive

From now on you can only mute the notification chime and hide the notifications on the drawer

More information here: https://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/android/23776567#mute