I want to format a json string in notepad Please tell me how to do this I looked at this solution in notepad json format It tells me to download the a tool from This web site . But i don't know which link to click out of 4 mentioned in that web site. Also, i just randomly downloaded one of the zip file and then unzipped it and it shows one dll file. What should i do with that dll? Can you guide me? I have windows 10 running on my PC

EDIT 1 Some people are in so much hurry to give negative points. May be some people want to see code snippet even for this question. Huh!

EDIT 2 Anyways I tried below and IT DID NOT WORK

enter image description here

This is how my notepad ++ looks like after installing them .

enter image description here

EDIT 3 Ok I fixed the issue. The problem is if you select multiple plugins together (multiple checkboxes) and install them there seems to be some issue with notepad++, so the solution for me was to install the plugin individually.

Best Answer

You need to use the plugin manager of notepad and search for the json plugin You can install it easily

How do i format a json file in notepad?