When I woke up this morning, I found my root had filled overnight

du -hx --max-depth=1 /

132M    /boot
4.0K    /media
16K /lost+found
16M /root
702M    /lib
4.0K    /OLDHOME
8.2G    /usr
73M /etc
4.0K    /srv
11M /sbin
4.0K    /selinux
8.0K    /.config
4.0K    /cdrom
4.6G    /var
181M    /opt
4.0K    /mnt
9.3M    /bin
4.0K    /lib64
14G /

The space is used by /var/cache/polipo (2.7G). How can I clean this up safely?
I tried restarts=>didn't work
Used bleachbit=>the space is not detected in the cleanup preview

PS: I did rm -rf youtube inside /var/cache/polipo and it freed up 2G space. Dunno if it was safe though

Best Answer

Method 1:

sudo apt-get autoclean
sudo apt-get autoremove

Method 2.

Launch your bleachbit as root user : no space in disk; sudo apt-get clean not working