Is there a way to get color ints from a color resource?

I am trying to get the individual red, blue and green components of a color defined in the resource (R.color.myColor) so that I can set the values of three seekbars to a specific level.

Best Answer

You can use it


See this website to define custom colors

EDIT(1): Since getColor(int id) is deprecated now, this must be used :

ContextCompat.getColor(context, R.color.your_color);

(added in support library 23)


Below code can be used for both pre and post Marshmallow (API 23)

ResourcesCompat.getColor(getResources(), R.color.your_color, null); //without theme

ResourcesCompat.getColor(getResources(), R.color.your_color, your_theme); //with theme