I'm currently installing bash on ubuntucom on windows

I installed bash and set the user up normal Everything worked fine, but I didn't want to keep doing sudo with every command. I uninstalled then reinstalled 'Bash on Ubuntu on Wwindows' with

lxrun /install /y

It saved the username but not the password I'm trying to view the current password for the user that i'm using

Tell me the best way to retrieve a user account password if it is not specified in the account?

Best Answer

Your password can't be actually hashed and is only a 1-way decoded

To summarize it, just imagine each time you try to login, it will do something like

if hash('password') == currentHash;
do grantAccess();

and each time you save a password, will do

hashedPass = hash('password');

This is by security standards of hashing avoid storing a real password, but instead storing the result of a function, and evaluating it on that way. Hashing functions are intended to do lot of the original value conversion with data loss, and due the data loss it will make almost impossible to know your original password.

You can easily change your password with usermod -p <password> <user> , or just passwd <user> .