I have motherboard model: Asus MB P8Z68-V LX; LGA1155, Intel Z68 and processor Intel Core i7-2600 (LGA1155)

Searches on the internet indicate that hardware virtualization should be possible with these components but i'm not able to enable it

There is no such option in the BIOS, I have also tried with the answer from this question but there is no path Advanced - CPU Configuration - Intel Virtualization Technology (the last one is missing)

Tell me the best way to enable hardware virtualization?

Best Answer

I have an i7 2600K and P8Z68-V LE. It should be similar in your computer. The hardware virtualization setting is located in Advanced mode->Advanced tab->CPU Configuration-> Intel Virtualization Technology According to this page, your i7 2600 will support VT-x and VT-d. My "K" (unlocked version) only supports VT-X (so Intel can still sell Xeons) so yours may look a bit different, but it will be in the same place. enter image description here