Sometimes it is not comfortable to see meminfo in kilobytes when you have several gigs of ram. In linux, it looks like.

top, with memory stats all scaled to Kb

And here's what it looks like on mac os x

top, with memory stats scaled to Mb and Gb

Is there a way to display meminfo in linux top in terabytes, gigabytes and megabytes?

Best Answer

When in top, typing capital "E" cycles through different memory units (KiB, MiB, GiB, etc., which are different from kB, MB and GB) in the total memory info.

The image shows tops general memory display with GiB as a unit.

While lower-case "e" does the same individual process lines.

The image shows processes in top where the memory is displayed in MiB

From the manpage.

2c. MEMORY Usage
    This  portion  consists of two lines which may express values in kibibytes
    (KiB) through exbibytes (EiB) depending on  the  scaling  factor  enforced
    with the 'E' interactive command.

Version Information: top -version: procps-ng version 3.3.9
System: CentOS 7