I am trying to download flareget download manager via wget I get error

wget  http://www.flareget.com/files/flareget/debs/amd64/flareget_2.3-24_amd64(stable)_deb.tar.gz
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

Why the error comes?

Best Answer

You should use single quotes ' or double quotes " around the URL in this case (and in general).

wget  'http://www.flareget.com/files/flareget/debs/amd64/flareget_2.3-24_amd64(stable)_deb.tar.gz'

You should use this method in general when you use a string that contains parentheses as an argument in a command from now on This is because parentheses are used for grouping by the shell so that they are not communicated in any way to a command The bash shell will give you an error in syntax

$ echo some (parentheses)
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('
$ echo 'some (parentheses)'
some (parentheses)